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Atomaders 2

You have to prevent cyborg invasion to your homeworld. Make use of enemy weaponry, find vulnerable
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21 January 2011

Editor's review

We always have our fantasies about space and the form of life that may exist there. ‘Star-Wars’ series have already portrayed the idea of space warriors to us. This vague imagination of space wars usually thrills us a lot. Now you can also feel the same thrill with Atomaders 2 1.0.5. It takes you to the space where you need to fight the cyborgs and save the human race from invasion. It starts with a patrol fighter finding an unidentified object that exactly was a warp gate. It leads to an unheard sector of galaxy from where the cyborgs are planning an invasion. Now, you need to resist the attack with available spaceships. There are different types of weapons and artilleries that you need to acquire, in order to counter the attacks efficiently. The 3D graphics impart looks closer to reality and the game proceeds with increasing difficulty at each level.

Atomaders 2 1.0.5 is an adventurous game and you would love to play it and fight the enemy cyborgs. The interface of the program shows the space image and Options on it to start playing the game. Enter your name and get into the space to fight the enemy. With the Options feature you get the Help that helps the user to get the information about how to play the game. With further Options you can change the Sound, Music and Brightness level. Enable or disable the features like show times, particles and background animation. Next you are shown the different sectors that get unlocked as you play the game and complete different levels. Selecting the sector you’re provided with some information about it and about the enemy. Your spaceship is shown at the bottom of the screen from where you need to fire on the enemy and destroy them in order to complete the levels. Get different abilities and weapons as you destroy the cyborgs. When you complete the level you are shown the score, enemies destroyed, firing accuracy, etc. Level by level process takes you to enemies motherships, more destructive cyborgs, and different other powers to get.

Atomaders 2 1.0.5 game is full of adventure, and the different levels require you to play more accurately. The game keeps up the interest of the users with its eye-catching graphics and style. The game includes easy to use feature-set, for which it has been rated with 4 points on the scale of 5.

Publisher's description

We thought invaders were gone forever... Until the day your patrol fighter discovered a strange object proved to be a warp gate leading to the unknown sector of the galaxy. Now you are to fight cyborg army preparing to launch an invasion unheard-of in history. Make use of enemy weaponry, find vulnerable spots of colossal command ships, take control of enemy teleportation system - defend the human race by any available means. Mind-blowing 3D graphics, lots of cyborg modifications, extra-weapons and special abilities, Worldwide Hall of Fame and much more.
Atomaders 2
Atomaders 2
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